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Our cleaning teams are highly qualified and trained to provide an excellent and thorough cleaning care. Although we are affordable our service is professional and will satisfy all your requirements. Either you need service every day once a week , you may need to maintain your floor, carpet or windows, we customize the cleaning to your requirements. Our staff is extensively prescreened and have tremendous experience. We are ready to present references from our present customers. Give us a call 352-263-0925 for a free nonobligatory estimate.

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benchmark commercial cleaning services logo 815x351

We are strained to meet your requirements in every aspect. Tell us if you need a one person or a team of cleaners, chose day and time, pick your own supplies or let us recommend ours. The goal of our service is to provide you with high quality house care customized to your preference. We also want to make your home sparkling clean and do everything for you to enjoy the entire process.

Our staff is extensively prescreened and have tremendous experience. We are ready to present references from our present customers .

Benchmark Cleaning Services provides high quality service because we focus closely on our cleaning staff. Our housekeeping and janitorial technicians are well motivated and trained according to your specification. To receive the best results, Benchmark Cleaning Services has established a unique, multi-level inspection system to provide each account with more services and attention. A supervisors inspects all activities of the cleaning team to ensure their best performance. Each account is checked on regular basis to ensure all specifications have been performed to the highest of standards.

Complete cleaning services specializing in:

  • Complete office cleaning services
  • Residential house cleaning services
  • Windows cleaning services
  • Floors stripping and waxing services

FREE no obligation estimates please call: 352-263-0925

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Our Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services
We provide high quality cleaning services to help your facility stay healthy.
Residential Cleaning Services

We provide professional cleaning services that make you feel safe and satisfied.

Janitorial Cleaning Services

We provide contract cleaning crews to ease the worry of in-house cleaning staff.

Emergency Cleaning Services

We provide premiere same day cleaning services.

Floor Cleaning Services

We provide high quality floor cleaning services like Floor Scrubbing, Floor Stripping, Floor Waxing, & Floor Buffing to help maintain your Floor Care & Maintenance.

Maid Cleaning Services

We provide trusting on call maid services to our clients.

Move Out & Move In Cleaning Services
We’ll get things cleaned up for your move!
Church Cleaning Services

We will help to maintain the beauty of your church & or religious building

Garage & Parking Lot Cleaning Services

Let Us Clean and Maintain Your Parking Lot!

Renovation & Post Construction Cleaning Services

We help to get your new project ready for function and operaton

Benchmark Commercial Cleaning Services

The Standard of Quality Commercial Cleaning Services!

Benchmark Commercial Cleaning Services

The Standard of Quality Commercial Cleaning Services!

Our Quality Cleaning Services:

We offer One-time cleaning agreements, Month-to-Month cleaning agreements, & Discounted One to Five year cleaning contracts! Be sure to get a Free Cleaning Quote

Top 5 Cleaning Complaints and How to Solve Them

Do you ever pick up the phone only to find an angry customer on the other end? Perhaps a trash can didn’t get emptied the night before, or the dusting isn’t up to par. Customer complaints are inevitable for a cleaning company, but there are a number of things that you can do to minimize the frequency. Here are some of the common complaints received by commercial cleaning companies and tips on how to solve the problem.

1. Supplies Empty. If roll towels are being used, you can replace smaller rolls of 350′ with rolls of 800′ with stub roll access. Most 350′ roll dispensers will handle 800′ rolls without replacing the current dispenser. The same can be true for center-pull towels. If using a smaller roll, replace with a larger roll. If you have to replace dispensers, do so. It’s a small price to pay in order to keep the customer happy.

If replacing dispensers is not an option, ensure your employees are properly trained on how to stock dispensers. When stocking hand towel dispensers (multi-fold, single-fold, c-fold towels), train employees to fill the dispensers two-thirds full. Filling dispensers to the brim puts a lot of weight on the bottom towels, causing them to tear apart when pulling them out. If the dispenser tends to run out your can either put in a second dispenser or leave a stack on the counter.

If you run out of toilet paper you can leave an extra roll on the back of the toilet or change the dispenser to a twin roll or jumbo roll dispensers.

2. Dirty Restrooms. Restroom training programs that lay out each step for cleaning a restroom is essential. With so many steps, it can be easy for a new employee to forget an important procedure that is likely to cause a complaint. One way to make it easier for employees is to give them color-coded microfiber cloths. For instance, blue cloths for cleaning mirrors and polished stainless steel, red cloths for toilets and urinals, and yellow cloths for countertops, sinks, dispensers, partitions, and walls.

One common restroom complaint has nothing to do cleaning procedures, but should be taken care of by the janitorial staff. Oftentimes odors come from the floor drain because it has dried out. Simply pouring water down the drain on a weekly basis can eliminate the odors.

Inadequate dusting is a very common complaint. If workers rush through their work to get the job done, dusting tends to be the task that gets neglected first because it’s much less noticeable than not emptying a trash can, for instance.

The most effective tool to use for dusting is a microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths pick up the dust rather than moving it around or making it airborne, like feather dusters, which means the dust won’t re-settle onto surfaces. Use a green microfiber cloth for dusting. Be sure to point out commonly missed areas to employees – build-up around calculators, stacking baskets, pictures, sides of desks, and chair legs. Make sure supervisors pay special attention to these areas when walking through the building.

3. Trash Not Emptied. When training new employees, point out hidden trash cans. There should always be a specific path to follow so a trash can is not inadvertently missed. Typically employees should go counter-clockwise around the room, zig-zagging back and forth down aisles and through the hallways. A good way to double check the work is to check the cans while vacuuming to ensure they’ve been emptied.

4. Lack of Vacuuming. Train employees to move through the office counter-clockwise to ensure all areas are vacuumed. Mats should be vacuumed, and then rolled up so the area underneath can be vacuumed.

Cleaning personnel should be using the correct vacuum for the job. For instance, if a wide track vacuum cleaner is being used to vacuum tight areas like underneath desks, then it’s likely that bits of paper and paper clips are going to be missed. The right vacuum should be used for the space that’s being vacuumed. For large, open areas use wide track vacuums. Back pack vacuums are great for regular office vacuuming and detail work.

Consistent training of all employees using detailed training programs is of key importance in order to avoid customer complaints. When employees use the same procedures every day, they are much less likely to make mistakes. It is also important to do follow-up training. This will ensure that all employees are using the right cleaning system for the location and are reminded of the proper step-by-step procedures to use.

Cleaning Service For Your Home

Today our time is eaten up by work, commuting, study, and so on and so on. We don’t have much time left over to clean our own homes anymore. So we hire house cleaning services to help clean our homes.

If you are one of the thousands of people looking for house cleaning services there are four (4) steps that you can take to help you to choose the right house cleaning service for you.

1. Decide and write down what house cleaning you want done in your home by the house cleaning service you will eventually hire.

You can write down which rooms you want cleaned, what items or furniture you want cleaned, like laundry, floors, carpets, ceilings, dishes. You can even decide on whether you want the house cleaning service you hire to make beds.

2. Next to your list write down the price you would be willing and can afford to pay for the house cleaning services you listed for step one (1).

State the price that you would be willing to pay per month.

There are many house cleaning services out there, to help you find one that’s right for you and matches closely with what you have listed in step one and two you can…

3. Make a list of potential house cleaning services to hire by:

asking for recommendations from friends and/or neighbors who use house cleaning services.

using the classifieds and the telephone directory

using the internet (to find places online where you can find a prescreened maid service or find prescreened cleaning contractors go to https://benchmarkcommercialcleaning.com

4. Most house cleaning services offer free consultations. Using the list you made for step three (3), contact the prospective house cleaning services and set up appointments. During these appointments you can find out what house cleaning services they offer, what they charge, as well as get an idea of there personality and professionalism.

If you follow the steps listed above, I’m sure that you can make an informed decision and choose the right house cleaning service for you.

Quick Housecleaning Tips For Your Home

Ah Yes! The house is a mess…again! Why do I even bother attempting the impossible? I’ll tell you why I do it. For one thing, I don’t like living in a mess. Another reason is that People tend to show up unexpectedly.

That last reason alone is enough to get me to make sure that the path to the bathroom is cleared of rubble and that the bathroom itself is clean with smells of Pine.

If your house is a mess… again, here are ten (10) house cleaning tips to help you out.

1. Make a house cleaning schedule.

2. Survey each room in your home, look for the trouble spots and decide on how you’re going to get them cleaned up. Here you can decide what tools you’ll need, what can be thrown away or better yet, who you can assign the task to.

3. Get help. Rome was not built in a day and I’m certain it wasn’t built by one Roman. If there are others living and breathing in the house with you, get them to help.

4. Gather your cleaning supplies. A big time waster and distraction when cleaning is running up and down getting a broom or cleaners or whatever you need to complete the task that you’re doing. So before you get started make sure you have what you need.

5. Use natural cleaning products. House Cleaning is not just about cleanliness, it’s also about safety in the home. Using natural cleaning products can protect you and your family from the harmful elements of synthetic cleaning products.

6. Get clutter free. Hey, I’m sure you’ve got those stacks of old magazines somewhere in the house. They’re gathering dust because there is one article about child rearing that you need to read or a recipe that you have to clip. Or is your linen closet a mess because you refuse to throw out old sheets and cases.

7. When you are about to embark on a housecleaning task, do yourself a favor and turn down the ringer on your phones. Phone conversation can cause you to forget the task at hand.

8. Get housecleaning music. Don’t choose those slow love songs. Get some lively music, stuff that gets you in the cleaning mood (if such a mood exists).

9. Make a housecleaning maintenance plan for each room of the house.

10. Hire a house cleaning service. At least once a year treat yourself. Hire professionals to do the house cleaning for you. What do you think about making an appointment for a day in December, somewhere in the teens of the month?

Well you now have ten (10) house cleaning tips to get you started. Happy Housecleaning!

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